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Is Net Promoter® Worth The Hype?

Net Promoter® is an immensely popular metric, and you should know yours.  But after working with NPS® and the companies who make use of the number, our take on when and where to use it as a management tool might surprise you. One of the first terms that companies start hearing when it’s time to get …


TidySurveys’ 2013 Year in Review: Mobile Surveys and Beyond!

The news that mattered, innovative new mobile surveys, essential survey features and products, and what to look forward to in 2014. Well, 2013, you were quite the year, my friend. We took TidySurveys from whiteboard to market in less than five months, creating one of the easiest to use, mobile-friendly, mobile surveys software for small-to-medium …


Museum Visitor Surveys

Interactive Museum Visitor Surveys for audience research and satisfaction TidySurveys helps museums, zoos and aquariums to gather satisfaction feedback and audience research, online and offline. With our unique, easy-to-use survey system, it’s easy to conduct visitor feedback surveys and museum visitor surveys and learn what your visitors are thinking and how they experienced your exhibits …


Employee Engagement Surveys Made Easy

Employees are the ambassadors of your brand. The link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction has been extensively validated through various academic and trade industry research. Frankly, nobody in doubts this, or even underplays this. Satisfied employees who are engaged with the brands they represent create better experiences and value for customers across the board …


Mobile Surveys: Conference Evaluation Tools

TidySurveys is mobile technology for brilliant conferences, events and trade shows, on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Here at TidySurveys we have seen a lot of growth in what is now our third month post launch. What’s interesting is seeing how many different industries have found value in our platform. One of the industries that …


Create an Employee Survey today!

Create the perfect employee survey to help enhance your workplace environment! What are employee surveys? An employee survey is a specific kind of satisfaction survey that focuses on the attitudes and perceptions of the staff. Inquiring to learn about leadership effectiveness, satisfaction with benefits, moods about workplace culture and overall attitudes towards the company brand …


Online Course Evaluation and Survey Software

Using TidySurveys’ survey software as an online course evaluation system is a great way for districts, schools and universities to improve teacher practices and student performance, as well as ensuring that course evaluations are effective, efficient, and lead to overall improvements in the teaching process. Leveraging a tool like TidySurveys can create an online course …


Survey Questions: Choose the Right Type of Survey Questions

Create a Successful Survey. Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog then you’re one step closer to executing quality online surveys with survey questions designed to elicit insightful responses. Like anything, it’s important that you get started on the right foot. So, before you begin writing your survey questions, be sure to establish your goals for …


Customer Satisfaction Surveys: A Two-way Conversation

The modern customer is powerful. Social and mobile technologies have given customers a means to publicly profess their love — or hatred — for a brand. But what does this mean for your organization? This means that customers have the ability to broadly affect the perception of your brand — positively or negatively. Certainly, companies …


Using SMS Text Messages to Prompt Mobile Surveys

With over 57% of mobile device users owning a smartphone, there’s no doubt that we’re in a increasingly mobile society. Since there’s such rapid growth in mobile device usage, engaging customers via their cell phone is a logical step for companies. Not only does it serve as an outstanding marketing tool, but it also helps …


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