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TidySurveys.com, a Chicago-based Customer Feedback Company Launches!

Amazingly Simple Mobile Surveys

Welcome to TidySurveys! Save time and hassle with our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online survey tool.

TidySurveys is the most efficient, mobile-friendly survey software tool for creating customer feedback surveys, conducting market research, and getting actionable data.

Chicago-based startup, TidySurveys, Inc., announces today the launch of the newest online and mobile survey making software tool, filling the void left by the low-end, out-of-date online survey software companies and the overpriced, clunky and difficult to use online survey tools that are available today. With a keen focus on improving the survey making process, TidySurveys has introduced what is being hailed as a more powerful, surprisingly intuitive survey software that makes the process of creating, distributing and taking surveys more efficient, streamlined, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly.

Griffin Granberg, Co-Founder of TidySurveys, explained, “By rethinking the design of online survey software, we were able to declutter the survey building process and remove the hassle from having to know – or understand – all of the survey question terminology, by simplifying and humanizing the user experience for survey makers and survey respondents.”

For individuals and organizations that want to be better informed during the decision-making process, surveys are one of the most relevant and relied upon way of collecting and analyzing valuable and genuine customer feedback or market research. “We launched TidySurveys because we believe that the other survey software tools are just too complicated to use, which lead to lesser quality questions and lower quality responses. And since we’re marketers and brand-builders at heart, we felt we were in a very good position to rethink, redesign and disrupt the online survey software industry” added Granberg.

TidySurveys’ mission is to develop the most widely used survey tool for mobile surveys, customer feedback, market research and data collection by combining affordable pricing and a best-in-class interface. Joshua Lintz, Co-Founder of TidySurveys commented, “We are seeing a fundamental shift, particularly within the professional community with respect to how the Internet is accessed. For many, primary access to the Internet is quickly shifting towards mobile devices. We created TidySurveys to be at the forefront of online, mobile-friendly survey design, deployment and analysis software.”

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