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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Survey Your Customers

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Managing your customer relationships means more than just focusing on sales activities amongst your teams. It means the complete management of your company’s interactions with its customers by organizing, automating, and synchronizing sales, marketing, customer service and technical support activities. By adding survey data to your suite of customer information, you’re bridging the ‘data gap’ of most traditional CRM tools by adding critical insights into customer satisfaction, customer feedback and market research to the list of data points you can use to improve your organization, drive customer engagement and grow revenue.

Why is customer feedback or market research so important? For starters, surveying your customers can give you valuable insights into how your products and services may be upsold, cross sold, marketed or improved, to ultimately add value and increase revenue amongst existing and prospective customers. Simply put, getting your customers engaged leads to a more customer-centric relationship. And companies that know their customers personally, usually offer better, more relevant products and services. With better products and services comes higher satisfaction and loyalty – and growth.

Why Survey your Customers? Here are 7 great reasons.

  1. Surveys give your customers a voice. Collecting feedback from the often too silent majority gives you knowledge you wouldn’t otherwise have. In this case, the knowledge you could gain is very powerful. Tip: In order to promote a high response rate amongst your survey recipients, we recommend avoiding long, tedious survey questions. We also recommend you consider finding a way to motivate your recipients to take and complete the survey. Additionally, when soliciting feedback from your customers, it helps to offer them something in return, for example, a discount on their next order. See our recent Blog Post about survey best practices
  2. Use customer feedback to get satisfaction. Surveys help you recognize a trend and identify an issue before it becomes a problem. We recommend using surveys often to stay on top of your customer satisfaction – giving you real-time insights and a pulse on how you’re doing. Tip: Like anything else, too much of a good thing can produce undesired results. Therefore, in order to avoid imposing fatigue from surveys and other communications, be sure to always communicate genuinely and keep your questions relevant to an experience, product or service. Also, and this is critical, try letting your customers know that you received their responses, that you appreciate their participation, and that you will use this information to improve your organization. If your customers feel their survey responses do not result in anything actionable, you’ll begin to notice diminishing returns, as they’ll be less likely – and less motivated – to participate in the future. Conversely, if your customers feel their feedback is valued and acted on, this will result in improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased sales activity.
  3. It shows you care when you listen. Customers will appreciate the fact that you asked for constructive feedback – turning a potentially negative experience into a positive experience. Surveys show humility by humanizing your organization – shedding light on a potentially cooperative relationship between you and your customer or potential customer. This touch-point helps reduce customer attrition by making it personal and rewarding. Tip: Use surveys as a means for gathering intelligence that you intend to take action on. This makes it easier on you and more enjoyable and rewarding for your customer. And finally, customer feedback data should be greater than emoticon smiley faces or frowns. Asking genuine questions makes it more likely that you’ll get genuine, quality and actionable responses.
  4. Learn or Evaluate new ideas. Your customers are an untapped resource for you. They are typically creative, clever, and in-touch with what they are interested in buying. And they will likely have ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. Once you open this dialogue, imagine the cool ideas you’ll get from the people that are engaged the most with your company. Tip: Make TidySurveys your preferred online survey design tool. We made it super easy to build user-friendly, mobile-friendly surveys designed to get you the responses you need – when you need them.
  5. Guide Better Business Decisions. Use TidySurveys to help you gather information that is helpful in making informed business decisions. This valuable customer feedback can help guide future products, marketing, sales, or organizational decisions – both big and small.
  6. Collect additional intel. Regularly using surveys helps you get any additional information you feel necessary to request. Tip: This additional information can be as simple as an email address or as complex as a free text response. Either way, properly using surveys gives you direct access to direct – and authentic – feedback.
  7. Set the Bar High. Surveys allow you to look at your business at a certain moment in time. Use Surveys to benchmark how you are doing in different aspects of your business and make goals to improve or maintain that status over time.

Feeling compelled to send a survey now? Great! We’re happy to tell you that with TidySurveys it’s now easier than ever to create and distribute an online, mobile-friendly survey. Go ahead, give us a try. To get started, please Sign Up today!

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