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Why are mobile surveys so important?

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Now more than ever mobile technology has the potential to improve and, in many cases, facilitate interactions between companies and consumers.

Choosing the right online survey software tool is an important decision. Factors such as cost, functionalities, capabilities, integrations, analytics and interface design are among some of the many important things to consider. And since mobile devices account for such a rapidly growing share of Internet access, especially among professional individuals, choosing an online survey design tool that optimizes across all platforms should be one of the first – and most critical – requirements in your decision making process.

Conversely, survey tools that are not optimized for mobile devices are tragically limited. If the user interface is not responsive, potential respondents will likely get frustrated with the interface and either drop-off completely or try to remember to come back and complete the survey at a later point. This limitation leaves too much up to chance and will limit your potential for collecting quality feedback that results in actionable data.

Ultimately, mobile surveys are important because they enable organizations to better interact with their customers – on any device, anywhere, and anytime. Through better interaction with customers, companies will improve their customer insight, leading to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately to more revenue and profit.

Think of the many instances where your business may benefit from rapid survey design and deployment – collecting crucial customer feedback and market research when it matters most to your company or organization. All with better timeliness and accessibility.

Make the switch today, check out TidySurveys’ new platform and decide for yourself. So, go on, Sign Up today and give us a spin!

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