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Are you afraid of Customer Feedback?

Don't be scared of feedback!

Are you afraid of feedback?

Asking a customer for feedback on your product or service can be a really scary thing. Fear of rejection. Fear of what you might find out. Fear of not being able to satisfy a request or concern. The list goes on and on. Because of this, you might even ask, ‘Wouldn’t it be better (or easier) to just NOT ask them for their feedback?’ Well, the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

Here’s why. First and foremost, customer feedback doesn’t have to be that scary. The very fact that you’re even asking for feedback tells your customers a lot about your customer service culture and that you prioritize giving your customers a voice. It also suggests a level of proactivity that wouldn’t be otherwise.

Sure, some companies do fine (sometimes) without asking. But wouldn’t being “in the know” be so much more valuable than relying exclusively on perception, assumption or best-guess? You must also know that soliciting feedback does not necessarily mean you’re engaging in a rock-solid promise to resolve a customer’s request or concern. Rather, it’s a mutually understood (and appreciated) vehicle for customers to have their voices heard. Sometimes this is enough. Sometimes you’re able to extract some extremely valuable insights. And other times, if you happen to uncover something that requires immediate resolve, at least you’ve been properly alerted so you can offer a timely solution – before it’s too late.

Clearly, organizations should never ask for feedback with the intention of doing nothing with it. Nobody likes falling on deaf ears. Ergo, organizations should proactively manage any and all responses received, which means listening when there’s something to hear. Trust us, you’ll definitely hear a lot of feedback that you just shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) act on. But, more often than not, you will gain a good sense of what the really important features are that you’re missing, or the area of service(s) that you’re lacking, and more.

So, what is one of the most effective, efficient and customer friendly ways of collecting customer feedback? Surveys, of course. Customer Feedback Surveys give you the power to get the right questions to the right people at the right time, promoting engagement and quality feedback. And depending on your organization’s customer experience, whether you conduct business strictly online, in person or both, providing your customers a user-friendly online survey, mobile survey, or even a micro survey to collect this feedback is simply one of the best ways of giving your customers a voice.

Customer Feedback Surveys enable you to collect real-time customer feedback via mobile devices and opens the door for swift action to customer-reported issues. This means instant feedback at your fingertips, enhanced business insight, and improved operational performance. Now you can react quickly to problems and fix them before they cause long-term damage, erode the customer experience or result in negative social media reviews.

Frankly, this is where the technology of online surveys puts more knowledge and more power in your hands allowing you to proactively get in front of issues, provide rewarding interaction and engagement for your customers and yields loyalty. Listen, respond, and triage. Don’t let a good thing go to waste. With TidySurveys, customers know you care because you ask for and react to their valuable feedback.

Go on, try us out today and see how using the TidySurveys platform can help you improve your Customer Experience Management (CEM) by turning valuable feedback into action. To give your customers a greater voice in the customer service process, get started with TidySurveys today! It’s easy to sign up and 100% risk free.

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