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How Restaurants Use Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Start using TidySurveys today for your restaurant’s customer satisfaction surveys.

At TidySurveys, we know that our restaurant customers get revealing and valuable insights from our Online Survey tool. We’ve pulled together some examples of what’s working for them, so you can use this information to help your restaurant too!

For any restaurant, loyalty and satisfaction measures allow managers to fine-tune operations and menus as necessary to ensure customer loyalty and to remedy and problems. Surveys are also terrific for gaining insight into loyalty behavior, including return visits and referrals. Restaurants striving for excellence in foodservice want a means to accurately monitor, measure, and evaluate their guests’ experience as it relates to friendly service, food, fun and value.

TidySurveys.com enables you to create and send out online restaurant satisfaction surveys to find out what your guests think. Here are two (2) of the most common Online Survey topics we see our customers using: Survey #1: Dining Habits and Preferences, and Survey #2: Recent Dining Experiences. To boost responses, try offering an incentive for filing out the survey honestly, such as a percentage off meal, or even a free appetizer. This will increase your chances of new and repeat customers, and provide you with valuable feedback to improve your overall service.

On your customer satisfaction survey, you should ask pertinent questions that will help guide menu, service and revenue-driving decisions. For example, you can ask what kind of ingredients customers enjoy in their food, or rate how important it is to have healthy, organic food versus price. Try asking your guests their favorite and least-favorite menu items and how they can be improved. All questions should be geared towards receiving the information you need.

Once you get the feedback, you need to analyze the information and figure out ways to effectively apply it. If you take the information seriously, you should see your bottom line continue to grow. And, remember, the customer is always right, while no doubt a cliche, but a cliche with dollar signs behind it. After you make the changes according to the customer satisfaction survey, be sure to follow up. This may involve producing another satisfaction questionnaire. Any restaurant looking to succeed should make gathering customer feedback a top priority. Remember, your customers are the ones that control the success of your business.

Got a Customer Satisfaction Survey In mind? Here are two features that TidySurveys offers that are sure to get you the results you need:

  1. Try using QR Codes to prompt your next TidySurveys survey. As smartphone ownership and use expands globally, QR Codes are becoming an increasingly powerful tool for restaurants to share their customer satisfaction surveys, products, and surveys with their guests. QR Codes are great because they eliminate the need for guests to remember and type in a complex URL — a simple scan with a smartphone will deliver guests directly to the Online Survey (or website) quickly and easily, to access the survey and evaluate their experience in real-time. To encourage your guests to take your survey, it is crucial that you make the survey as accessible as possible. QR Codes can be a major part of this — add them to your menus, business cards, matchbooks, flyers, signage, merchandising materials, or any other vehicle that your guests interact with.
  2. Try using our Short Code –88202– and SMS Text delivery functionality to share and prompt your next survey. Your customers are on the go like you. Make accessing your customer feedback surveys easy, simple and accessible from any where and any device. For example, you can set-up your next online survey with TidySurveys to include texting credits. By utilizing this feature, respondents can simply text the phrase “survey [insert your custom name]” to 88202 and seconds later they’re texted back a link to your online survey. This makes it super easy, promoting much higher response rates than any other online survey tool.

If you’re a restaurant and you need a better customer feedback solution — and access to more actionable data and insights — get started with us today! Drop us an email or Sign Up today! We’re here for you like no other online survey tool out there. We have developed several features specifically for restaurants, and enjoy helping restaurants like yours grow.

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