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Capture Feedback from Potential Customers: 5 Great Ways to Get Started!

Mobile Surveys for Non-Customers

Capture in-the-moment feedback with mobile surveys by TidySurveys!

Are you a restaurant, hotel, retailer or other business trying to get a complete picture of the customer experience by also hearing from those who didn’t make a purchase? The people who walked out of your store, or left before being seated in your restaurant, or went next door after parking in your lot?

To capture feedback from non-customers, you need to engage them “in the moment” — that is, while the customer experience is happening, not after it is complete. But how? Most feedback capture methods are triggered by the completion of a transaction (such as printing survey URLs at the bottom of receipts) — so they inherently exclude all non-customers.

Mobile, with its increasing ubiquity, is key to capturing “in the moment” feedback. Not only do most people have mobile devices — 77% of millennials has smartphones in 2012 and another 7% planned to buy one within the year.* — but also consumers are integrating mobile devices into the way they shop: checking product availability, product reviews, and prices. Asking shoppers for feedback about their shopping experience via mobile is just an extension of how they’re already using the phone. Mobile feedback makes it easy for them to share.

Below are some of the ways in which TidySurveys’ Customer Feedback Survey Tool can help get you valuable feedback from non-customers (as well as customers!) in the moment:

  1. QR Code: You can embed a URL in a funny-looking black-and-white icon shoppers (whether they buy or not) can scan with their smartphones. After the shopper scans the code, he or she immediately receives a mobile survey on the phone so it’s easy to provide feedback right there and then.
  2. In-Store/On-Premise Kiosk: You can set-up kiosks, often via securely locked tablets, in you stores, branches, hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more, to make it easy for anyone to give feedback while on-premise.
  3. SMS Text Messages: Through a sign or poster, you can ask shoppers (whether they buy or not) to text a short code and a custom key phrase to a number. Shoppers will then receive a text response directing them to a mobile-friendly survey URL. For example, “We would love your feedback. Please tell us about your experience by texting “Survey [COMPANY]” to 88202. In this example you would simple personalize the phrase with the word “Survey” and any other unique identifier of your business. For instance, if you were conducting a survey for “Heritage Coffee Roasters,” you could choose to designate your custom Survey ID as “Survey Heritage” and text that to short code 88202. The TidySurveys system will even check to make sure that your Survey ID is available — making it super simple to get started.
  4. Micro-Survey Popups: These are terrific popup widgets that can be placed through out your website. TidySurveys’ Micro-Surveys have intelligent question branching — allowing you to serve a unique follow-up question based on a previous answer. For example, when a user answers that a certain feature is important to them, you can ask them why that feature is so important. This is like peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the heart of a specific user’s need — while they’re browser and searching information. Micro-Surveys by TidySurveys can help you: 1.) Improve Conversion Rates (& Generate Leads!), and 2.) Capture Valuable Insights (in the moment), by targeting the right questions at exactly the moment you’re most likely to uncover a critical insight or convert them to a lead (or customer!).
  5. Signage & Printed Collateral: You can post a sign or billboard, or pass out flyers and postcards, that directly asks for feedback. You may have seen these “tell us how we are doing” signs in restaurants or retailers. You can also simply include the Survey URL instructions or QR Code on existing marketing collateral or restaurant menus for quick, easy survey access. Once an individual (potential respondent) enters the URL, they can seamlessly access your survey (customer feedback form) from their mobile device.

I just want to throw this quick tidbit in to this post — recently I dined at a restaurant in Chicago where customer feedback was very important to them, they had survey flyers on every table, inserted within the jacket they deliver the bill in, and neatly stacked on tables near the front entrance. I felt compelled to offer them customer feedback, so I grabbed one of the many readily available forms. And to my surprise, they printed the survey forms on a type of glossy paper that was essentially resistant to ballpoint pens. After trying two separate pens I gave up — crumpling and recycling the unfilled survey form. Sad. Opportunity missed.

Now, after reading this post, I hope you feel equipped with ideas and tactics to start exploring the process of collecting customer feedback. TidySurveys supports all of these mobile-enabled approaches to collect “in the moment” customer feedback.

Not only that, TidySurveys recognizes the type of mobile device a respondent is using and serves a survey that fits that specific device in length and width, as well as layout.

Are you looking for ways to gather more “in-the-moment” customer feedback? Visit us here – we can show you how!

*The Millennial Impact Project, 2012 Millennial Impact Report

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