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Hey Restaurants! Let’s Talk About How to Implement Mobile Surveys



From no blogging to twice in one week?


Today I want to go through a feature I’ve been WORKING MY BUTT OFF on :) Actually the real reason is that it’s a pretty awesome feature set for deploying our surveys.

Realistically it could work for countless use-cases,  but I am going to use the example of using TidySurveys as if you were a restaurant owner, manager, etc (if you are, even better!).  I am going to start by giving a full example of setting up your restaurant using TidySurveys as an electronic comment card then move on to how the new feature is useful.

Using Traditional Paper Comment Cards is BAD for Trees!

You, the restauranteur, restaurant manager, bar manager, etc want to get customer feedback — no one opens and works tirelessly on a restaurant to have customer’s end up having a bad experience.  The best way to ensure everything is smooth sailing is to get feedback from your customers at the the most opportune time — you might ask, perhaps while even at the table or bar? — EXACTLY!  I agree with you!  So let’s look at a few things we’d like to know:

How did your customer like your restaurant?

How did they hear about your restaurant?

How did they feel about their server?

Was the food prepared to their specifications/expectations?

Was the food as excellent as it is suppose to be?!

Would they return?

or maybe more importantly, would they recommend your restaurant to their friends?

Honestly you could go on and on with questions, but for the most part I like to tell business owners to keep it under 10 questions.  TidySurveys is very nice and easy for your customers to use on their phone so sometimes you can get away with more questions, but just remember to ask the most pertinent questions for your restaurant’s situation at that time — remember we can always deploy a new survey with new questions at anytime.

So, after making your awesome survey you need to let your customers know you want their feedback — how do we do that?  Set out paper comment cards — NO!  Let’s me help you with the NEWER and EASIER way:

Post your QR Code!  But,


It actually stands for “Quick Response Code” and it’s essentially a (matrix) barcode that most cellphones are equipped with an app to scan – so it’s a nice method to get people to scan, go to your survey, and respond within seconds.  They look like:

Actual scannable QR Code to goes to a TidySurveys' Survey

Actual scannable QR Code that goes to a TidySurveys’ Survey

Our survey tool generates a custom QR Code for each survey you create so you always have it there (in your Dashboard) if you’d like to use it.

There are a lot of ideas to where exactly to post your QR Code.  Getting your QR Code made into a decal and put on the entrance door(s) of your restaurant or putting your QR Code on a placard that goes on the table — both are great ideas and restauranteurs we see have done both.  BUT!  Maybe you want something not as conspicuous, but still have it always be there?  You could put it somewhere on your menu like below:

 Menu QR Code Example

QR Codes, Is that all you’ve got Griffin?!

Absolutely not!  How dare you even think we’d only give you one option.  The next feature is BRAND SPANKING NEW!  It has a super sexy name too, wait for it:


Ok, maybe not the sexiest name, but it does say exactly what it is & does.  It allows your customers to request your survey via SMS (text) and TidySurveys’ sends them a response with the URL to your actual survey.

All you need to do is put the following somewhere to let your customer’s know a survey is available via SMS to them:

To Take our Quick Survey — Text:  survey (survey ID) to 88202

It’s that simple!  But let’s go through the process your customers would have to do. It’s really simple, but why just explain it with words when I can add PICTURES, right?  We’ll use the survey ID of flosantos — because it works right now – if you want to test it for yourself!

Step 1:  Create a Text (SMS) Message

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge


Step 2:  Put in our shortcode, 88202

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge


Step 3:  In the message type:  survey flosantos

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge


Step 4:  Send that message!

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge


Step 5: TidySurveys’ System replies with the Survey URL

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

That’s pretty awesome, Griffin!

Thanks so much!  I think both features really go along well with how mobile-friendly our surveys actually are.  One last thing on the SMS Request + Delivery implementation.  I recommend putting the above sentence (“To Take our Quick Survey — Text:  survey (survey ID) to 88202″) in your receipt footer — or where the red circle is below:

Ticket with Circle


I want to wrap up this post by letting you know that we’ve really developed this whole survey tool to provide an easy survey making experience AND to provide super mobile-friendly surveys for your respondents (which helps increase response rate), and PLUS, a restaurant even inspired the whole TidySurveys idea — so that with that being said, I look forward to any questions you may have.  If you have any, email me at:  (my name)@tidysurveys.com :)

If you are ready to pull the trigger, GOOD FOR YOU!  Please, visit TidySurveys’ sign-up page and make sure “Professional” is selected.  It comes with 200 SMS credits added to your account each month (you can always buy more if need be).

Thanks for reading!  –griffin

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