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Reach & Recruit: Mobile Surveys Made Easy

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Joshua Lintz, Co-Founder @TidySurveys

Hey, TidySurveys enthusiasts! Lately we have been really busy expanding our product, developing new features, on-boarding new clients/users, and even receiving some rave reviews in the process. Oh yeah, and we’ve been busy debugging and performing exhaustive QA testing too. But, what we’ve been focused on most is making sure that we are providing you the best online survey software tool out there, with the most mobile-friendly user interface.

We’ve been learning a lot lately too. After all, as a young, bootstrapped startup company, with a newly launched product, a growing user-base, including a growing number of enterprise users, we have really honed in on our software product and how it differentiates from the rest.

We take this competition seriously; which is why we promise to be both a product focused and customer focused company. Being product-focused means we have a roadmap and a vision for our software tool. And as a customer-focused company, we are going to make decisions about our products by aligning customer needs and wants with the overall goals of the organization. This means one thing only — we’re focused on solving problems.

Here at TidySurveys, we’re building a different kind of customer feedback company, one that has an online SaaS technology platform for mobile survey creation, administration, deployment, and data collection. What’s truly unique about TidySurveys is that we offer companies an easy-to-use platform that is optimized for use across smartphones — giving users access to valuable, actionable feedback while on the go. This is where our opportunity is: ease of use and mobile surveys. And this is precisely where (and how) we compete against industry giants. So, go on and see for yourself, try us out today!

For us, it’s all about helping our users get the right data from the right people at the right time. And to do this, users need beautifully optimized mobile surveys to reach their respondents while they’re out and about, and while their experience is still fresh. We call this “Reach & Recruit.” Easy-to-use mobile surveys help our users ‘reach‘ their target respondents and ‘recruit‘ the respondent’s engagement and feedback because the interface is beautifully optimized with their experience in mind.

Please check back regularly as we are constantly adding new content and ideas to our Blog. We love hearing from the TidySurveys user community! That is why we want you to try us out and tell us about your experiences with our product.

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