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Using QR Codes to Prompt Mobile Surveys

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Regardless of what side of the argument you’re on about whether or not QR Codes are dead, when done right, they can be an opportunity to connect your customers to a [rewarding] experience with your products and services.

You might ask what it means to be ‘done right’? Well, it’s simple. In order to find success with QR Codes, the following four conditions must exist: 1.) each code must be linked to a mobile-optimized site, 2.) each prospective user must have a scanner App, 3.) there must be available connectivity, and finally, 4.) there needs to be a clear call-to-action — an experience or incentive that makes it worth the wait and loading time. Without each of these, your QR code is going to be less effective.

QR Codes as a marketing tool can be carried over to implementing mobile surveys for businesses and consumers, creating opportunities to capitalize on mobile technology and in-the-moment feedback.

A popular functionality amongst restaurants, many have found success with mobile surveys using QR Codes to share guest satisfaction surveys with their patrons. Diners are able to scan the code with their smartphones, enabled by QR code scanner Apps, to access the mobile-optimized survey URL, and evaluate their experience in real-time, in-the-moment.

If you’re a restaurant user and want to encourage your clients to take your guest satisfaction survey, it is crucial that you make the survey as accessible as possible by using a survey tool like TidySurveys to create mobile surveys with QR Code access. After all, accessibility is a major element in the success of your mobile surveys. Another option, or alternative to QR Codes, would be utilizing SMS Text Messages to prompt mobile surveys.

Back to QR Codes, companies can try placing them on menus, business cards, receipts, signage, merchandizing materials, or other communication vehicles that allow customers to scan the code and be linked straight to your business’ survey URL. If your client-base is not likely to be familiar with QR Code technology, provide them with some basic instructions on how to use their smartphones to access the survey.

Ultimately, despite what naysayers may, well, say, QR Codes can be a fast, easy, customer-friendly instrument to get your mobile surveys to your customers while in-the-moment. So, if you stand to benefit from capturing real-time feedback from customers on the go, you need to make sure there’s convenient and easy mobile access, which is precisely where QR Codes stand a fighting chance, and where additional opportunity exists for SMS Text Messages. We’ll talk about SMS Text in our next post, next week.

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