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Online Course Evaluation and Survey Software

Course Evaluations for TeachersUsing TidySurveys’ survey software as an online course evaluation system is a great way for districts, schools and universities to improve teacher practices and student performance, as well as ensuring that course evaluations are effective, efficient, and lead to overall improvements in the teaching process.

Leveraging a tool like TidySurveys can create an online course evaluation environment that is streamlined and value-adding; allowing evaluation data to be translated into actionable insights that greatly improve teacher performance and student success. And best of all, TidySurveys is an affordable online course evaluation alternative to the traditional paper-and-pencil method and the overpriced specialty software(s) that exist today.

TidySurveys Brings Student Survey Taking to Mobile Devices

Create interactive, engaging and effective evaluation surveys and forms that can be easily deployed online and optimized for iPhone® and Android™ devices, as well as tablet devices too.

Scale your online course evaluation process

Use TidySurveys to save hours of time by creating simple, smart evaluation forms that are cost-effective and easily scalable to meet the demands of increasing enrollments and needs for curriculum refinements.

Provide Results to Instructors & Administrators

TidySurveys offers built-in reporting features that allow instructors and administrators to quickly view results in reports, pie charts and bar chefs, and even download the raw, qustion-by-question data via a CSV file. We make the whole process of data collection and analysis streamlined and efficient, so you can focus on what matters, evaluating the data and turning insights into action.

Easily Create Online Course Evaluation Surveys

As a TidySurveys user you can easily create your own custom surveys and update them as you need to by using our survey building tool. You can create a variety of different question types ranging from Likert-type scale questions to single or multiple-select to open-ended text-based questions.

For education surveys, TidySurveys supports the following key academic research requirements: Instructor and Course Evaluations, Alumni Surveys, Needs Assessment, Testing, Quizzes, Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Surveys, Longitudinal Studies, and more.

Try TidySurveys today!

Get started today and experience how easy it is to set up questionnaires, implement surveys and analyze results with TidySurveys’ online course evaluation survey software. TidySurveys enables you to design and analyze online, paper, kiosk, email, phone, mobile, PDA and Tablet questionnaires.

If you would like to arrange an online demo, or simply learn more about our chicago-based company, please contact us via email right away at info@tidysurveys.com. It’s our promise to you that someone will get back to you immediately. If you’re ready to try us out, sign up for your account here.



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