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Using QR Codes to Prompt Mobile Surveys

Regardless of what side of the argument you’re on about whether or not QR Codes are dead, when done right, they can be an opportunity to connect your customers to a [rewarding] experience with your products and services. You might ask what it means to be ‘done right’? Well, it’s simple. In order to find …


Reach & Recruit: Mobile Surveys Made Easy

Hey, TidySurveys enthusiasts! Lately we have been really busy expanding our product, developing new features, on-boarding new clients/users, and even receiving some rave reviews in the process. Oh yeah, and we’ve been busy debugging and performing exhaustive QA testing too. But, what we’ve been focused on most is making sure that we are providing you the …


How to Increase Survey Response Rates (Part 1)

One topic that comes up often is how to increase survey response rates. Each additional survey response is an opportunity not only to forge a relationship with a customer, but also to uncover important insights, drive real improvements in the organization, and increase sales. We’ve got tons of great tactics to share, but first, in …


Hey Restaurants! Let’s Talk About How to Implement Mobile Surveys

From no blogging to twice in one week? YOU BET! Today I want to go through a feature I’ve been WORKING MY BUTT OFF on Actually the real reason is that it’s a pretty awesome feature set for deploying our surveys. Realistically it could work for countless use-cases,  but I am going to use the …


My Thoughts on Entrepreneurism & How TidySurveys Came to Be

Hey there! My name is Griffin Granberg and I am the creator of TidySurveys. Josh usually handles the blogging and he writes really well, and knows (and follows) english grammar rules a lot better than myself — but still, I wanted to start blogging here to give a more candid insight into what TidySurveys is, …


Capture Feedback from Potential Customers: 5 Great Ways to Get Started!

Are you a restaurant, hotel, retailer or other business trying to get a complete picture of the customer experience by also hearing from those who didn’t make a purchase? The people who walked out of your store, or left before being seated in your restaurant, or went next door after parking in your lot? To …


How Restaurants Use Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

At TidySurveys, we know that our restaurant customers get revealing and valuable insights from our Online Survey tool. We’ve pulled together some examples of what’s working for them, so you can use this information to help your restaurant too! For any restaurant, loyalty and satisfaction measures allow managers to fine-tune operations and menus as necessary …


Survey Ideas for Startups

Every Startup Needs Feedback from their Customers Understanding your target market of prospective customers is vital to starting a successful business. And making assumptions about what those potential customers want is a dangerous game to play, so it’s important to do some digging and learn straight from the horse’s mouth what their interests and needs …


Surveys for Startups

You’re a startup. You’re rapidly iterating and innovating. You may even have started getting traction. But, how good is your big idea, service or product? What about your features and functionalities? Is your startup solving a real problem? Who are your best prospects? Most importantly, do people get it? There are so many questions. And …


Are you afraid of Customer Feedback?

Asking a customer for feedback on your product or service can be a really scary thing. Fear of rejection. Fear of what you might find out. Fear of not being able to satisfy a request or concern. The list goes on and on. Because of this, you might even ask, ‘Wouldn’t it be better (or …


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